AI voice assistant pushes the gaming experience to the next level

GitGut, a real-time smart voice AI assistant that guides and trains gamers to improve their strategy and tactics in leading online games.

GitGut is more than just an ordinary voice assistant - it's a digital companion that helps players master difficult levels and adds a whole new element to the gameplay experience. Currently, GitGut is focusing on the globally popular game League of Legends, and is already making waves in the gaming community. With the help of GitGut, players can access valuable information and recommendations in the form of the voices of famous actors and celebrities, like Peter Rychlý and Vlastimil Zavrel (the voice of Homer Simpson).


Founded 2020

Partnered 2022


Jan Francirek

Martin Kolesar

Jan Nidrle

Why we invested

We believe that GitGut has the potential to improve the way we play games, and we're excited to be a part of this exciting journey as it continues to grow and evolve.