Jirina Dunkova


Jirina Dunkova

Operations Manager

Jirina Dunkova is an operations manager both at Czech Founders VC and Czech Founders, a non-profit community of Czech founders with global ambitions. Moreover, Jirina works closely with Vit Horky as an executive assistant.

Jirina has not founded any startup or business. Having said that, she has more than 15 years of experience in education - including teaching, pedagogy, methodology, executive leadership and research. Moreover, she has been actively engaged in research in its many forms and approaches for over a decade. She has a number of academic papers in peer-reviewed publications as well as tens of international conference presentations under her sleeve.

Jirina studied at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University in Prague. She got a BA in English linguistics and literature, followed by an MA in English Linguistics and Methodology. She has also completed the Cambridge DELTA Modules Certification, studied Linguistic at the University of Iowa and Modern and Post Modern Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She spent her high school years partly in Czechia and partly in Canada, eventually graduating as the class valedictorian. She is also the recipient of the first place at the National final of the Students' Professional Activities (SPA) Award with her two-year-long comparative study of teenage mental health in Czechia and Canada.

Outside of the academic/business sphere, Jirina focuses on destigmatising topics dealing with mental health in the general society. She is also an avid baker, climber, diver and loud speaker.