Ondrej Smykal


Ondrej Smykal

Investment Associate

Initially, Ondra thought he would be a lawyer, but his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation changed his professional direction toward startups and the venture capital environment in general.

During his studies, he co-founded 2Climb, a company manufacturing training equipment for climbers. The company became no. 1 in its niche vertical in the Czech Republic and, afterwards, was successfully exited. This experience helped him realise he would love to stay in touch with the startup ecosystem and help other companies grow.

Apart from being a first point of contact for many, his legal background also makes him a great transaction partner. He will likely be engaged during the term sheet negotiation, due diligence, or crafting of transaction documentation.

He’s also passionate about sports, reading, and traveling - every now and then, he leaves Czechia and works from abroad, so be ready for remote work!