digital transformation in the construction industry

DTS (Digital Transformation System), a proptech startup that is helping companies in the construction industry digitize and automate their processes.

DTS understands that the construction industry is undergoing a strong digital transformation, and is committed to helping companies migrate to a data-rich model (BIM) that saves resources, reduces errors, and increases efficiency both economically and technically. From the pre-design phase through to operation and maintenance, DTS provides a complete solution for designers and builders.


Founded 2021

Partnered 2022


Milan Moravec

Jakub Tuma

Lukas Rysanek

Why we invested

We were interested in DTS because of the strategic timing of its entry into the market and also because of the strength and expertise of its founder. The company's early profitability in the digital construction market is a bonus, and we see plenty of opportunity for future growth.