Filuta AI


Filuta AI

operationalizing composite AI to democratize the intelligent automation market

Filuta AI is building a general-purpose AI orchestration and automation platform with a low entry barrier, making it easy for mid-sized companies to rapidly deliver intelligent automation solutions. The team behind Filuta AI is led by CEO/CTO Filip Dvorak, who holds two PhDs in artificial intelligence and has extensive software engineering experience at companies like Google and Microsoft and also has experience in NASA and DARPA-supported projects. Filuta AI's technology is based on composite AI, a method of combining different AI approaches to achieve better results. This allows Filuta AI to create, operate, maintain, and improve autonomous systems efficiently. Filuta AI has global ambitions and is currently piloting its technology with companies like Liftago and MyFoodPlace, and is also testing its solution at game testing company Bohemia Interactive. In the future, Filuta AI plans to focus on sectors like logistics, gaming, 3D printing, fintech, healthcare, and telecommunications.


Founded 2022

Partnered 2022


Filip Dvorak

Martin Dousek

Why we invested

We think that strong founders, innovative advanced technologies combined with artificial intelligence and a focus on an underserved segment make Filuty AI a strong investment opportunity with unicorn potential.