a powerful analytics tool for content creators on streaming platforms

StreamBee is a startup that is creating powerful analytics and tools to help streamers grow and succeed. StreamBee is on a mission to provide streamers with actionable, in-depth analytics, conversion optimization tools, and various extensions. Their solution offers a clear analytical tool for content creators on streaming platforms, giving streamers access to valuable data and tips to help them make better streaming decisions and turn their hobby into a fulfilling career. But StreamBee isn't just focused on helping streamers succeed - they're also working to make influencer marketing more efficient.


Founded 2020

Partnered 2022


Martin Blokša

Jakub Blokša

Martin Kukučka

Why we invested

We were surprised at the range of relevant recommendations StreamBee can deliver for streamers around the world. We like their analytical approach and overall focus in the business, as well as their global ambition to compete in the world, which is why we decided to invest.