Zdenek Cendra, CDN77


Zdenek Cendra

Founder of CDN77

Zdeněk Cendra (* 1986) is the founder of the technology companies CDN77, SH.cz and Peering.cz. He has been in business since he was 15 years old, Forbes ranks him among the 100 richest Czechs, and more than half of the Internet in the Czech Republic and about five percent of the world's Internet flows through his infrastructure. His companies had a turnover of CZK 2.5bn in 2022, have been profitable for a long time and the majority of their revenue comes from clients in the US and Western Europe. As he says, his success has been driven by thinking outside the borders of the Czech Republic, a total obsession with quality of service and customer satisfaction, and last but not least, an all-inclusive care for the people in the company.